What Makes Us Unique?

What Makes Us Unique?


We are almost 99.9999999999996% nothing.

What makes us all unique is that very small fraction of a percent at the end. Somewhere within that small fraction is not only our physical makeup, but also our innate curiosity – and there is so much we do not know, to stop searching the universe for answers to the countless questions would be unnatural.

Theism claims to already have the answers and asserts us to stop looking beyond their so-called holy writs. Literally compelling us to fight against evolution and resist our nature, its influence slows down the progress of humanity.

Somewhere else in that small fraction is our psyche, and our mental state is susceptible to outside suggestions and influence.

Ever notice how only the members of a religion suffer from demonic possession and other afflictions within their mythology?

And also how those same delusions of religiosity aren’t excised along with those ‘demons’, but rather fostered before and afterward?

Religiously proffered mental illness is celebrated by the faithful and the people who claim to have visions or premonitions are regarded as prophets. Remove the belief and there is little else to support the basis of those claims beyond a disturbance of the mind.

Religion creates problems out of our deepest unanswerable questions, and then offers the ‘remedy’. A con that has played out in time over centuries.

Don’t be fooled today!

_spro & Ella

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