The Doubter Series – Discussion 2 – Burdens of Guilt – Part 3

The Doubter Series – Discussion 2 – Burdens of Guilt – Part 3

Another favorite category of familial guilt here comes in the form of anger and threats. You let your little hint of doubt slip out, maybe in the form of a snide comment at a family gathering or as a skeptic comment on a religious Facebook post. This person, instead of trying to understand your point of view and encouraging you to express yourself fully, demeans and degrades your opinion. They accuse you of falling into the devil’s grip or losing your morals.

When you try to explain your view, you are talked down to and treated with disrespect and contempt. How dare you stray from the flock of sheep! Their way is the only way, God’s way. These people actually will attempt to call out your disbelief to a larger group of people so that they are not alone in their efforts to debase you as a person. Once they are part of a group, they are relentless in their verbal harassment. The threats are soon to follow.

They will not associate with you any longer or have their children around you. So what if you are their aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, mother, father, etc. It doesn’t matter. They will cut you off if you do not fall back into the line of belief, even if you have to pretend. As long as you do not speak back up and pretend to believe, that’s okay, but you can never say what you truly feel and regard as truth in public again. Being related to an unbeliever could be detrimental to their status and make people look at them differently. They do not want to stand out. Even if they are horrible people, being viewed as a good god-fearing person makes them feel better than those who are not like them. They use fear and threats as a vehicle of submission, which is actually abuse. These are not good people.

To be continued…….



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