Debunking the War on Christmas

Debunking the War on Christmas

​Anyone can accurately refute the statement “Keep Christ in Christmas”. A mid winter celebration was in full swing long before the creation of the Christian church. It would be more accurate to say keep Mithra or Saturn in Christmas over Christ.

Churches benefit from the Christmas holiday as much if not more so than their commercial counterparts when considering the huge influx of tax free donations and offerings made during Christmas services. The more the Christmas celebration shifts to secular traditions and away from religious ones the more money the church stands to lose. Which has led to a struggle and competition over what the “real” meaning of Christmas is as churches make a last ditch effort to wrestle dollars away from department stores and into their collection plates.

Don’t be afraid to reinvent Christmas. Make it a celebration unique to you and yours. Make it completely secular or even participate in one of the other 14 recognized holidays that take place this time of year. Holidays are for everyone, godless heathens included. The Christians do not hold authority over our holidays. What ever and how ever you choose to celebrate, do it with love, kindness, and compassion for your fellow humans.  Happy holidays!

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