An IRAQI point of view and growing up with war part 1

An IRAQI point of view and growing up with war part 1

Hello. My name is ‘S.’

I’m a female born in baghdad/Iraq

I will try to show you what happened in Iraq through my story,and since I’m not a writer I will appreciate any tips that could help improve my skills to deliver my story in a better way.




I was born on may 18th 1990

my government led by ‘Saddam Hussein’ ordered to invade Kwait after a big dispute over oil fields that belonged to both countries but kwait was using it more than Iraq.

the invasion took place on august 2nd 1990 and ended on august 4th two days after.

it was just a warning but some evil people robbed a few houses in Kwait and after the Iraqi army left, the whole world had their eyes on Iraq and plans for war against us started.

before i was born we had 8 years of war with Iran and the country was still recovering when it was hit again by another war (the gulf war)

1991 there were so many countries bombing us and since i was starting to learn how to talk i picked up a word that was common at that time (ghara) which meant air strike.

my mother and father used to say it and cover me and after that the bombing they told me my first word was (gaga) and i said it after i heard the alarm for the airstrikes.

two years after the gulf war the country was in a very bad economic state.

on April 13th 1993 there was another attack ordered by the u.s president at that time Bill Clinton as a retaliation to the attempt assassination by Iraqi agents on George H.w.bush while he was visiting Kwait to congratulate them for the victory after the gulf war.

and so there were cruise missile strikes on Iraq.

for Iraqis Kwait was an Iraqi state that was taken by oil companies and invaders and it became a country 1961 so if you look up old maps or any map of that area you will notice how its a part of Iraq, but since it had a decent oil reserve that was noticed by the British oil companies.the Brits decided to make Kwait a country after they took the contracts and promised the people in there who were very poorly educated for a life of luxury and protection,to Iraqis they were traitors who sold our land to invaders.

to be continued

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