Atheists Down Under? According to a recent census…

Atheists Down Under? According to a recent census…

According to a recent census by The Australian Bureau of Statistics “no religion” has now become the most popular religion. If you look at the chart below you will see  that, while Christianity in total ranges at 52.1% and “no religion”  is only 30.1%, that the Christian majority is made up of many sects. Now of course this comes with the disclaimer that religion was an optional question, making it impossible to truly know how many people didn’t feel comfortable answering. 

The following chart from the ABA website, shows that these numbers have increased since 2011. Now this isn’t entirely surprising as some of you may know, “no religion”  is quickly spreading in many parts of the world.


Rewind just 50 years to a time in 1966 where Christianity dominated the scene at 88% of the population. Now I spend a lot of time with data, and looking at this makes me very hopeful for the future. Imagine what another 50 years can do.

Being an American from a very liberal area of the U.S. there aren’t many daily interactions with theists, yet we do know that the battle for our freedoms exist. Only very recently has a study come out that outlines that there may be a significantly larger presence of non religious than previously thought, and where you find the non religious, you find atheists. Now one of the major components to success may have been the Atheist Foundation of Australia’s campaign to mark ‘No religion’ on their census reports, perhaps if we ran similar campaigns here in the US we would see many more atheists ‘come out’.

All in all, we’re seeing a decline in theism worldwide. I think it’s safe to say that Australia is setting a shining example for the rest of the world.


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