An IRAQI point of view and growing up with war part 2

An IRAQI point of view and growing up with war part 2

Soon after the war with Kwait the whole world was angry at Iraq

of course no one ever cares about the government actions.they took actions against people and decided to punish Iraq and made the whole Oil for food program which destroyed our economy after it was on top.

one Iraqi dinar equaled 3 american dollars back then and today it is

1 $ = 1300 IQ in the Iraqi markets.

i remember back then Saddam Hussein ordered that every person who deals with dollars they will cut his hands and my dad dealt with dollars in the black market illegally back then so there was a raid and his friend got caught but my dad managed to run away.

his friend lost his hand as a result and the order to stop cutting hands and replace it with a lighter sentence came minutes after his friend lost Saddam ordered doctors to give him free medical care and took him to London to get an artificial hand and he lives there now.

after that my dad moved into the car business and later the currency business was legal again so we were at some point richer than people around us after many years of suffering the oil for food and most families survive on that food that you get every month

it was like this

rice about 30 kgs

sugar 20 kg

white beans


cooking oil


milk / baby milk


i don’t remember the rest but it was good.and if you didn’t your share you can sell it for the supplier

also Hizb al Baath which was the elected party to rule in all IRAQ SYRIA PALESTINE which is why we had 3 green stars on our flag before the invasion was responsible for all matters.if someone did anything anywhere in Iraq he will get caught within minutes.

so many people file reports everyday.if you hate your neighbor just say he cursed Saddam or any of his friends that were in the office and he will be in jail investigated and sometimes found guilty and punished depending on whom he knew ^_*

to be continued




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