All Atheists Have A Voice; personal stories of coming to atheism and troubles in doing so

All Atheists Have A Voice; personal stories of coming to atheism and troubles in doing so

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I grew up in a radical fundamentalist Salafi family
I was a very religious person and I put religion in everything in dealing with people in buying and sleeping all things of life and this stems from my belief that God sees and follows all my actions and will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection as I was one of the most enthusiastic people of the struggle and Jihad for the sake of Allah

I attended the religious sessions with the sheikhs and I kept parts of the Koran and in high school when I grew up I started to give religious sermons to young children and sometimes I play the role of muezzin in the mosque

In the last year of high school, I was in a great psychological crisis. I called God so much that he would take me out of it. He is the strong, wise, fair, knowledgeable, and compassionate Creator who has everything.
And he says to the thing that he was but he did not respond to my supplication and I started to give up religion and go to the mosque because it is useless and I started to fun and to play and I made new friends with religious people but they are moderate and yet I always feel guilty because they taught us about religion It is the faith of patience on the tribulations

I thought about it a lot and started to tell myself
God asks us to be patient with the tribulations, but God Himself is the one who descends the scourge, how is that and what is the wisdom of that?
I did not find logical answers, but the answer to religion was that God was putting the believer on a test to test his patience, which was not logical for me
For the affliction of the believer is kind of God, while the same affliction for the unbeliever is wrath and punishment. They say that God will afflict us in this world and let us enter Paradise.
I did not see God’s mercy in the world that I now see in my eyes how to believe that His mercy is in the hereafter that I have not seen

Then I fell under control again because the religious are surrounded by a range of fears, prevent him from splitting because of fear of punishment and because religion achieves psychological security where he inspires you that there is power behind you support you and help you and standing behind you is always a powerful force unmatched
I returned to religion but formally I practice all the religious rituals that I am accustomed to but I do not participate in religious sessions or anything else because I am in conflict with God

The Egyptian revolution came and the age of openness began. Books spread everywhere. The Internet became available to everyone. The discussion of the debates of the elders with atheists. I saw religious videos about divine wisdom and the extent of the greatness of the universe.

The revolution made us see scenes we did not see by a Muslim and a Christian. They all demanded their rights. Those scenes were open. We started to know that the Christian is not an unbeliever, as he taught us in childhood, but he is a brother in humanity and citizenship and when I dealt with one of the Christians and found him pleasant treatment, And more to correct the misconceptions

I read a lot about Islamic history and I was impressed by a group called Mu’tazilah. The first to call the principle of rationality in Islamic history, which is based on what is not compatible with reason, is not from God
Reading in Islamic history has made me ask several questions
Why did God not communicate with men and chose a delegate to talk to us?
Why did not miracles occur in the time of cameras?
Why does God ask believers to fight for the support of His religion? Why does he not support his religion?
Why does God strike us with misfortunes? He knows beforehand fate and knows what we will do.
There are very advanced atheist states and while religious Muslim countries are at the bottom of the sea of ​​backwardness why?
Why do the interpreters of the Qur’an differ on meanings? Is God unable to create a language that everyone understands like mathematics?
They say that God created mankind and the jinn to worship Him. Why does he feel inferior and need someone to glorify him and prostrate before him?
Why are all the prophets sent from the Middle East? And why their religions contributed to the backwardness of that region and did not contribute to make it high?
Why was not the last of the prophets in the era of technology and globalization spread his call to all voice and image ??
If there was a God and an angel why did God not send the angels to call people instead of the prophets and apostles?
Since Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets and the last of God’s sent to mankind, why does not He descend the last time to fight the Dajjal instead of Jesus?
Why are all the prophets and prophets men ?!
Why does God need to send dozens of prophets in order to convince a trivial creature of something that is supposed to be innate?
God has destroyed the powers because of polytheism / sodomy / unbelief of the prophets .. All these reasons spread in this time why no one perished
Science proved that the earth is spherical Why pray towards the Kaaba
The most important question .. There are more than 1000 religions around the world Why is my religion the right religion?

These questions made me more puzzled and increased my passion for reading in more than one field I read in the field of philosophy, logic and physics and read in other religions to compare with the religion of Islam
It finally arrived after long suffering, confusion and dispersion of ideas into some established ideas
And have found many similarities between religions, these great similarities in religions have proved to be evidence of their human industry

Religion needs restoration, reform, and rationality over inviting others to embrace it
God does not exist and knows one of the creation of the universe and human beings and many claims without conclusive evidence, but the theory of evolution remains widely accepted in the scientific community as the world’s top universities studying the theory of evolution there is a special museum in Washington and scientists discuss the mechanism of occurrence and I believe in science because it is built On the observations and evidence and material proof, religion is always betting on the unseen and promises delayed play on emotions and does not give logical answers

Morality has nothing to do with religion I do not need a religion that tells me who I hate and who I love, the perpetrators who derive from the love of life so do not hurt anyone else in order to maintain an easy life without problems, wars or hatred. Religions nourish conflict,
And thus is not the source of morality

God in perfection is absolute justice and absolute mercy, and the absolute justice means that everyone will be held very accurately, and absolute mercy and forgiveness means that he will forgive everyone and will not torture anyone at all to find the two impossible to exist and exist in one entity and this means the absence of this entity only in our imagination

The statement that a living God simply destroys the idea of ​​perfection to make it incomplete, the living condition changes and changes and completeness perfect content does not accept any increase or deficiency, so characterizing God in the humanly well-established proves that we draw our gods to give man the idea of ​​God attributes

In the end I would like to send two messages to the religious
The atheists do not constitute a danger to the essence of faith, the rationalists of atheists and believers are a danger to all who set himself a world of people and agents of anesthesia for people and tools to pass the goals of darkness
I would like to say that I do not hate religious people, where we have a complicated life, and with our cooperation and coordination we make it easier and more comfortable

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