All Atheists Have A Voice; personal stories of coming to atheism and troubles in doing so

All Atheists Have A Voice; personal stories of coming to atheism and troubles in doing so

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Hi. Name is David Whitcombe. Brought up in UK in a pretty strongly Catholic family. Catholic schools then council funded place in minor public school/cathedral school. Always had questions about the internal inconsistencies of religion. Trinity, omniscience, omnipotence, problem of evil, the fact that other religions were equally sincere. Got robbed off with “it’s a mystery not to be understood by humans…his ways are not our ways…who are we to judge god…etc etc”. Kinda parked all that and got on with life. Went to uni and ceased attending church. Didn’t give it much thought though it bothered my family that I didn’t attend mass except for Christmas. Married a non religious protestant in a nice church. The nice being more important than the church. Mum was convinced it wasn’t valid as not Catholic. 

All through teens and beyond I was wondering if religion was the problem rather than god. Tried Spinoza and Einstein’s deism. Decided it was just meaningless and gave no insight into the world.

Became a scientist, geneticist. Not giving god much thought. Realised I simply didn’t believe in any deity. Couldn’t say when it happened. One colleague asked me outright did I think god existed, and I concluded out loud for the first time that no I didn’t. Was open with my family about that which was very upsetting to my mum in particular. Tried not to influence my kids even going to church with them- a teaching assistant really leaned on them to do this. Wife enjoyed the social aspect but I kept thinking “the thing that binds these people together is the one thing I don’t share”

Eventually kids decided that god was at best irrelevant, more likely a nonsense.

Rest of family accepted my position. Never had any societal blow back and never feel the need to insist on deconverting anybody in real life. Find it hard though not to think of believers as a little bit lacking in rigour and may be even a little bit feeble minded.

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