All Atheists Have A Voice; personal stories of coming to atheism and troubles in doing so

All Atheists Have A Voice; personal stories of coming to atheism and troubles in doing so

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Yeah I’ll give you my arguments. Memory is bad so don’t remember exact time I said “I’m an atheist!” But I do remember recently that I went from believing in God as much as I believe Santa Claus to believing in God many trillions of times less than even believing in claus. God is said to be all powerful. Omnipotent. That means he can do anything. If God can do anything then he should be able to create something from absolutely nothing: No laws of physics, no energy, nothing. He should be able to create Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a single intelligent, magical human being who can deliver billions of presents in one night. He works with flying reindeer. He can teleport or shapeshift into a mist into your house. This is already extremely unlikely. Santa Claus has to go from the North Pole to collect his presents and deliver the billions of presents in eight hours He carries about twenty presents at a time delivering seven to each house or apartment.. I’m guessing to do this the reindeer would have to be able to travel faster than the speed of light.

God, however, can deliver an infinite amount of presents faster than instantly. This is even less likely to be true than what Santa Claus can do. What God is and what God can do is more unlikely that what Santa Claus is and can do. At least Santa Claus has limitations. God can do almost an infinite amount of other unlikely things: God can create Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, if he wanted he can become Santa Claus etc and he can do things. If he chooses, like move infinitely faster than the speed of light and create universes bodily without the aid of technology, with his hands or equivalent. He can shoot lazer beams out of any body part you care to mention. He can turn himself into a magical flying cement brick without a brain that can talk Japanese. God can do all the things superheroes can do combined, whatever you can imagine, he can create a magical banana that creates universes, and whatever you cannot imagine God can do. As God can do anything, then of course, God could make a human man give birth to a full-sized Jumbo Jet out of the tip of his penis, that can travel to the most distance part of the universe (the Jumbo Jet AND the penis that is) fuelled only by a mix of Coca-Cola and elephant urine in less than minus a trillion seconds. He can do anything remember. 
If someone said they saw human number 1 walking along the street this is believable. If someone said that they saw human number 2 flying bodily like Jesus was said to have done, like a superhero, in his ascension this is extremely unlikely to be true. This is the only special magical power human number 2 has. Now if you said you saw human number 3 who could fly but could also shoot lazer beams out of its eyes, had frost breath, could move faster than the speed of sound and that you could drop a billion nuclear bombs on its head without killing it, if this was DC comic’s Supergirl this would be even more difficult to believe than human number 2 who can additionally only fly. This is because you’re adding on even more unlikely things on top of the ability to fly. God fits into a fourth category of his own. He has almost an infinite amount of unlikely things that he can become and can do. God can do everything Santa Claus can do, including turning into Santa Claus, Supergirl and a magical cement brick that can talk Japanese. This makes God less likely to be true than Santa Claus. I doubted at first that many adult people if any believe that Santa Claus is extremely likely to be possible. That something can come from nothing is almost certainly impossible. But in order to believe in God you must believe that the creation of Santa Claus and creating things from nothing is extremely, extremely possible. But then I talked to Christians. I thought I’d get one or two who would say “Yes, God can do anything including creating something from nothing and Santa Claus”. But many who I spoke to on Twitter say that yes God can literally do anything.
The problem is that there is no evidence for something coming from nothing, there is no evidence for Reindeer that can fly and move faster than the speed of light. Secondly there is evidence against all-powerful. If God who is all-powerful existed we would expect to see all sorts of magical things but we don’t. This is exactly what you’d expect to see if God doesn’t exist. Science has observed that Reindeer don’t have wings, they can’t fly. Science has shown that Reindeer cannot move anywhere near the speed of light. They couldn’t no matter how good their diet was or how much sprinting they did. A single ripe banana cannot even create another banana let alone a universe. The banana doesn’t have the right properties like The Big Bang does. Something always comes from something else cause and effect. If we hear a bang and are asked ‘What caused that?’ we don’t say ‘nothing’. In other words everything we can imagine and literally everything we have seen has vast limitations, far from being all-powerful. Energy can’t create Santa Claus, it can create particles the human brain can’t create something from nothing, humans at best live only up to about 115 years maximum, we may never be able to create a spaceship that can move at the speed of light or cure blindness, HIV-AIDS or all types of cancer. Hopefully we will be able to do some of these things. But we have overwhelming limitations, just as if something all-powerful like God did NOT create us. Thirdly if God can do anything he can make us know he is all-powerful but doesn’t. If someone said they could fly in the air like Superman you would ask them to show you. If they didn’t ever demonstrate the ability to fly you wouldn’t believe them. The same goes for a God who can do anything but doesn’t make us know he can when he should be able to do this. A possible fourth reason could possibly be given by physicists and biologists as to why Santa Claus, something coming from nothing and a Jumbo Jet coming out of the tip of a man’s penis which can fly to anywhere in the universe fuelled by Coca-Cola and elephant urine… are all seemingly impossible.
This argument, that all-powerful doesn’t exist so God doesn’t, beats all the arguments for God like William Lane Craig’s Kalam argument, the Fine-Tuning Argument and the Argument From Contingency. For example the Fine-Tuning Argument says that there is finely-tuned oxygen so we can live. But oxygen literally slowly poisons us. This is a vast limitation. By taking on and defeating the definition of God, specifically the definition of all-powerful we defeat all arguments for God because how could something which can do anything possibly exist? We can be extremely almost certain that God doesn’t exist and that atheism is true.

Objections I get to this argument are 1: God can’t do things which are illogical. Well then that’s trillions upon trillions of things God can’t do so can’t be all powerful. 2) God can do things which are scientific and things which are outside of science logic. Well then that means God can do things which are illogical and unscientific, so God is illogical and unscientific. Logic and science are the best ways we have of knowing by far so when something like God goes against science and logic we say this thing is extremely unlikely to be true.

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