All Atheists Have A Voice

All Atheists Have A Voice

All Atheists Have A Voice; personal stories of coming to atheism and troubles in doing so

These are personal stories of our individual followers pathway to atheism and some there problems in doing so;

Of course it’s ok to share my story. Nothing too juicy I’m afraid.

I guess I’ll start by saying that am 32 and have not officially believed in any God or Gods since I was about 15. Even before then I was a healthy skeptic…Easter bunny…tooth fairy…Santa is real though, jk 😂 

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home/family that was only mildly religious. Baptised Christian, my parents went to church on occasion but I never remembered then making a huge deal about it. Never was it forced upon me. I got my skepticism from my father who always told me to question everything! I think he was more anti authoritative and didn’t think that it would also apply to questioning the existence of God. 

Looking back however, I feel I’m better prepared as an athiest to have gone through the motions of church…VBS (vocational bible schools still a thing?) Read the bible…Although not through adult eyes. But I remember how incredibly contradictory it was, even reading it as an adolescent. I did enjoy the paraboles for their entertainment value but never for the historical accuracy. We recited the Lord’s Prayer before bed each night with my father, but they always felt like empty words. 

I humored various ideas throughout my late teens and early twenties about spirituality, and different religious. I was mostly concerned with getting laid if I’m being honest here. I always enjoyed trying to find a different perspective on life, and still do to this day. I have always gravitated towards empathy, not through religious eyes, but through human eyes.

I was taught the importance of the golden rule at a young age and it has always resonated with me.

I discovered the heavy hitters in atheism in my later twenties. Wish I would have found them sooner. Matt Dilahunty, Sam Harris, Dennett, Hitchens, even Krauss and gang have made their way into my lexicon. 

As far as “coming out” it is a mixed bag. Most of my family is athiest and won’t admit it or just don’t realize they are. I have had conversations with my dad about my resistance of the claims that religion makes, and I’m always very clear that I’m not making a claim that a God doesn’t exist but that I simply reject the claims that believers make. I know my grandmas both know that I am an athiest, thanks to the ever present social media, but it’s never been a topic of conversation. I’m sure I could find much more to tell you but I tried to keep it bullet pointed. I’ll be sure to share more in my threads. 

My Twitter handle is @MJvoiceover

If you need a voice actor for any projects I hope you will keep me in mind. 


Was nice to write that down and try to verbalize my journey. Thanks for asking for it. I hope it serves your purpose.

Always thinking!

Matt Joseph

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